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The Patronato E.N.C.A.L.-I.N.P.A.L. is promoted by the Italian Confederation of Self-Employed Trade Unions (CISAL) and by the Italian Farmers Association (AIC) for free legal aid and social protection for all employees, self-employed, retired and all citizens, in terms and according to the procedures established by the provisions of the law in force.

The Patronato carries out its activity throughout the territory of the Republic and also abroad through its central and peripheral offices as established in accordance with Law no. 152 of 30th March 2001, it carries out “the information and consultancy, assistance and protection activities, in the matter of Social Security and Assistance, for employees and self-employed workers, pensioners, individual Italian citizens, foreigners present in the territory of the State and their survivors and assignees, for the achievement in Italy and abroad of any kind of services in the field of social security, immigration and emigration, provided for by laws, regulations, bylaws, collective agreements and other normative sources, disbursed by public administrations and bodies, by managing bodies of supplementary pension funds or by foreign countries towards Italian citizens or already in possession of Italian citizenship, even if residing abroad “.

  • 2016
  • Encal Inpal
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