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augmented marketing amktg

«amktg» is the acronym of AUGMENTED MARKETING: the new consultancy model developed by I’MINDS GROUP.

Created by Joël Tilanti Tacla, creates a new way to do marketing that integrates all traditional techniques with a set of highly innovative tools able to create long-lasting relationships between proposers and users.

This mode starts from the study of the market and from listening the needs of the target through all the available channels, favoring the web < /b> for obvious economic and strategic reasons. </ p>

Our method differs from classical market techniques as it is based on the ability to create value and knowledge around what it proposes, activating diffusion systems and modern evangelization .

This system represents a concrete way of consulting evoluta , because it allows you to respond in a synergistic way to the changing needs.

Thanks to a centralized direction , you can intervene at any time by implementing actions and strategies based on the needs that change: the result is a management able to provide the best solutions , respecting the possibilities and expectations of short, medium and long term.

out method

analysis and strategy

analysis of the scenario, customer needs and budget definition, analysis of the needs of the target market and competitors.

design and organization

development of the business model, the marketing and communication plan, definition and organization resources and tools.

development and training

realization and production of all the necessary marketing tools, training of human resources.

management and monitoring

management of the processes initiated and monitoring of the activities, evaluation of the results and analysis of deviations.

optimization and evolution

performance improvement, study and implementation of new business and new opportunities, evolution of the system.


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